Key features of the Easy Carver router duplicator

Unique router plate design
Standard router plate

Unique router plate design

Unlike most copy carvers, the Easy Carver has been designed to accommodate standard plunge routers (with provision for a fence guide attachment). The router can quickly be removed from the Easy Carver for normal operation. 

The Easy Carver build manual/plans package comes with two router plate designs. The standard router plate (shown opposite) and the adjustable width router plate (shown below).

Maximum router base width 175mm

Adjustable width router plate

Similar to the standard router plate, the new adjustable width router plate has been designed to accommodate plunge routers with wider bases – such as the heavy-duty 1/2″ routers from Dewalt, Makita and Hitachi.

Maximum router base width 200mm

Adjustable width router plate
Adjustable width router plate
Precision bearing rail & linear bearings
Linear bearings

Precision round rail & linear bearings 

For smooth and accurate operation, precision round bearing rail and linear bearings are used on the main router assembly.

To avoid any flexing, heavy duty bearing rail and linear bearings are used on the Easy Carver 500 & 600 due to their width.

Anti-kickback braking system

When carving (especially when roughing out) the router will try and kick back. This can feel like you’re fighting the router at times.

The anti-kickback braking system locks the router assembly to the main rails, preventing kickback from occuring. This gives the user greater control and more stability.

The Easy Carver 500 & 600 are fitted with a dual anti-kickback braking system.

Easy Carver anti-kickback braking system
Anti kickback braking system
Movable brake lever
Anti kickback brake lever

Movable brake lever

Used to control the anti-kickback braking system, the movable brake lever moves with the user to maintain optimum comfort and working position.

Fully adjustable stylus clamp

The stylus clamp can be adjusted (in & out) enabling the stylus tip to line up with the router bit. The stylus clamp firmly grips the stylus bar so it cannot move when carving.

Fully adjustable stylus clamp
Stylus clamp
Removable counterbalance weight arm
Removable counterbalance arm

Removable counterbalance arm

For easy of storage, the counterbalance arm can be removed when the Easy Carver is not being used.

Adjustable counterbalance weight shaft

The counterbalance weight shaft (designed for standard 25mm diameter weightlifting plates) can be fitted in three positions, giving fine router balance adjustment.

Adjustable counterbalance weight shaft
Adjustable counterbalance weight shaft
Guide rail brush
Guide rail brush

Guide rail brush

There are lots of wood chippings and sawdust caused by copy carving. Most of the chippings accumulate on the side of the router. To help keep the guide rail free from debris, the router side roller assembly is fitted with a rail brush.

Steel construction

We have seen a lot of DIY router duplicators on the internet – the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

You just can’t achieve good results with a poorly designed machine that uses inferior materials. 

The Easy Carver is mostly built from thick gauge steel. This creates a super sturdy construction and helps to keep vibration down to a minimum. It also improves accuracy and machine life.

Steel construction
Steel contruction
Easy Carver fully dismantled
Easy Carver dismantled

Easy to store

We are aware that space in the average workshop is limited.  Most established workshops will be packed with tools, materials and various projects on the go. Bearing this in mind, we designed the Easy Carver so the entire machine can be quickly and easily dismantled for storage when it’s not being used.

A tried and tested design

Designed by one of the leading router duplicator companies Clone Duplicators, the Easy Carver is a tried and tested design. Used by craftsmen since 2010, the Easy Carver is the only real solution for the woodworker who is looking to build a quality copy carver they can rely on. 

You just can’t build a good duplicator from wood…

Why even bother trying to design your own copy carver, when you can build (or have someone else build you) a proper router duplicator that’s packed full of innovative features, one that’s sturdy, versatile, accurate, affordable, and will last you for years. 

Be smart, you can eliminate trial and error with these 3 steps

1: Buy the Easy Carver build manual/plans package

2: Buy the parts shown in the parts list (most, if not all parts can be bought cheaply on eBay)

3: Follow the step-by-step instructions and build a quality duplicator that works!

Just think how long it would take to carve a guitar body or propeller by hand…

The Easy Carver will save you time and effort, so you can be more productive and make more profit. The Easy Carver will pay for itself many times over. 

Five model sizes

Duplicators capable of carving from 200mm wide to 600mm wide can be built using the Easy Carver build/plans package. So whether you’re copy carving a propeller or a cello, you can build a duplicator to suit your own personal needs.