Easy Carver router duplicator plans
  • Accurate
  • Versatile
  • Easy to store
  • Smooth operation
  • Designed for plunge routers
  • Braking system for greater control
  • Capable of copying up to 600mm wide

Easy Carver router duplicator plansThe Easy Carver Router Duplicator Plans – 2023 updated version

The Easy Carver build manual/plans will show you how to build a quality router duplicator that is on par with some commercially available machines. Depending on which of the five model sizes you choose,  duplicators capable of carving from 200mm to a massive 600mm wide can be built. The standard carving length is 800mm, this can be customised to suit your particular requirements.

The comprehensive build manual has over 160 pages of clear, illustrated, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions to make the process of building the Easy Carver as straightforward as possible. Most, if not all of the parts required to build the Easy Carver can be bought cheaply from eBay. A full parts list is included in the build manual.

About the Easy Carver Router Duplicator

The Easy Carver was designed by Clone Duplicators (who also invented the Clone 3D & Clone 4D duplicators). Clone has many years experience in designing and building copy carvers, and using this knowledge, Clone decided to design a quality router duplicator that could be built with ‘off-the-shelf’ parts by the self builder for a fraction of the cost of a fully built commercially available machine.

High Quality – Low Build Cost

The Easy Carver has been designed for people who don’t have the budget for a commercial grade router duplicator, or who just prefer the DIY approach. The low build cost doesn’t mean that it’s a low grade duplicator – excellent results can be achieved with the Easy Carver, it’s a tried and tested design. Since 2010 woodworkers all over the world have been using the Easy Carver!

Skills needed to build the Easy Carver DIY Router Duplicator

  • Mig or Arc welding
  • Cutting steel, stainless steel, and aluminium
  • Drilling steel and aluminium
  • Threading stainless steel, aluminium, and nylon
  • Accurate measuring62

"At last... a 'proper' router duplicator
than can be built with off-the-shelf parts by the self builder!"

Easy Carver router duplicator plans

The Easy Carver Router Duplicator Plans Package 

Build a quality router duplicator that turns a standard plunge router into a highly effective wood copy carving machine capable of copying many 3D wooden items…

Propellers – Guitar Bodies – Furniture Components etc.

£37  Sale – £29

Also Includes…

Full Size Templates

Full size printable templates of the main components such as router plates, rail feet, joining plates, roller assembly brackets and brake paddle.

DWG File Pack

DWG files for all the components shown in the template pack. This gives the builder the option of having the components produced using a CNC laser cutter.

The Easy Carver
Router Duplicator

Copy Carving Made Easy

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Three Unique Money Saving
Design Features of the
Easy Carver Router Duplicator

1: Standard Plunge Routers

With the Easy Carver duplicator, almost any 1/2” plunge router can be used. When you’re not using the duplicator you can quickly remove the router and use it as normal.

Easy Carver - router duplicator plans

2: Standard Router Cutters

The Easy Carver copy carver has been designed to use standard 1/2” x 63mm router cutters, the same cutters that are used for cutting kitchen worktops. These are readily available and inexpensive to buy.

Using these cutters combined with the power of a 1/2” plunge router allows the Easy Carver duplicator to quickly and easily cut through the wooden blank.

3: Standard Counterbalance Weights

The Easy Carver duplicator utilises standard off-the-shelf weight training plates (with a 25mm – 1″ centre hole) to counterbalance the weight of the router.

These are readily available from sports shops, supermarkets etc. Just add the weights to match the weight of your router.

counterbalance weights